Female teenage student

“Alpine Tutoring was an answer to our prayers. Not only did they provide our daughter with a excellent tutor for math, but a mentor as well.
We used Alpine Tutoring for three years. It was amazing to watch the growth and maturity of our daughter evolve. Now she is off to college!
We would highly recommend Alpine Tutoring to everyone.”

~Leslie W. Trabuco Canyon, CA

“In last semester my son was getting all F’s and D’s, mostly because of his ADD and lack of focus. Thanks to the help of his tutor he is now making A’s and B’s. What more can I say? Now, he is on the Honor Roll!”

~Michel F., Riverside County

“Because my 8 year old has so many special needs, I wasn’t sure there was anyone out there with the right experience to really understand her. Her tutor proved to have everything. My daughter loves her! Her reading level has gone up, and she can understand things we only dreamed of a year ago. Thank you for taking the time to select someone so passionate and well trained.”

~Andrea Q., Orange County

“AP Chemistry is the one class that proved a challenge for my son. Normally a straight A student, he was pulling C’s in Chem. With the help of his tutor, he is now back on top!”

~Shelley H., Irvine, CA

“Poor grades were a new experience for us. (My daughter) has always done well (in school). This year with a full load of AP and Honors classes she started to struggle for the first time. Thanks to our amazing tutor, she is performing much better on her AP Calculus tests now. What a relief!”

~Danielle P., San Diego County

Male tutor with student

“…my son’s PSAT results just came in. Thanks to the help of his tutor, He scored above 2100. This puts him into the 99% percentile for sophomores! I cannot wait to see what kind of scores he gets on the SAT……..Of course, we will be continuing with Alpine Tutoring to get him ready for the SAT as well.”

~Sam W., Orange County

“Thanks to the help of her tutor, my daughter just gained admission to Mater Dei. Her tutor helped her through much of the process- application, interview and (admissions) essay. Thanks for making this possible!”

~Susan B., Orange County

“(I am)completely satisfied, our tutor is excellent; my children really enjoy learning from her and are very excited when she comes over. She helps with homework and any lessons they need. I sincerely recommend Alpine tutoring. I have seen a huge improvement not only in my children’s school work but, also in their attitude; they are much more confident. I have also heard from their teachers that they are seeing an improvement as well.”

~Julie A., Costa Mesa, CA

“I think your service is good, and helpful…. your tutor’s are very polite and curteous and most importantly, patient. They take the time to evaluate the student….I thought the Alpine representative did a very good job with pairing the student’s personality with the tutor’s.”

~Dede L., Irvine, CA

“My husband passed his work exam successfully! (We received) very good and professional(service).”

~Nichol V., Riverside County

Boy student

“…Alpine Tutoring has been a God-send to us, and my boys have experienced the positive results….I really believe the tutor was an inspiration to (my older son) because he made the honor roll for the very first time before graduating (Jr High). We always knew he was incredibly smart but he somehow lacked the confidence to achieve the good grades. This year in High School he was placed in several Honor classes and actually made the President’s Honor Roll his very first semester! Looking back, ….I believe his tutor had a role in reinforcing my son’s belief in his own abilities.”

~Mona B., Orange County

“Yes, I would recommend Alpine. For me personally, the guarantee is very important….. The fact that at any time if my son is not connecting with the tutor we can request a new one is priceless.”

~Leah D., San Diego County

“My daughter said she learned more in one hour with her AP History tutor, than she had in months. I am so glad it all makes sense for her now! “

~ Tim V., Irvine, CA

“I’ve seen extraordinary results. My daughter is much more confident.”

~Michelle W., Riverside County

“(My daughter) has improved tremendously with her concentration and retention of information…..Thank you so much for referring (our tutor) to us. He is wonderful with (my daughter).”

~Xandra L., Orange County

“It’s risky to select the right tutor for a particular need. Alpine helped us with that.”

~Dr. Park, Orange County

Girl student in park

“When I first called Alpine (Tutoring) I was a little confused. Having called and worked with a number of tutoring companies, (in the past) I wasn’t expecting to be asked very many questions. Now that we have been matched with a tutor that is just perfect for my daughter Susie, I understand and appreciate that the staff took the time to get to listen and get to know what we really needed.”

~Joanna Y., San Diego County

“My son Tommy, a JR in high school, needed help with quite a few subjects. So we ended up working with several different tutors. All (of the tutors) proved to be highly professional, knowledgeable and caring. I am impressed with the quality and the level of commitment they have displayed for my son.”

~Trina B., Orange County

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